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Alertel Systems is one of the pioneers in formulating a perfect trade signal system that is well known for its performance in world markets and as a friendly assistant to the traders worldwide. Alertel with its highly experienced manpower had found a unique signal system that works with all financial markets. Forex, stocks and commodities, they are the biggest market in the world and has huge potential to give you good profits if you place the order at the right time using perfect strategies. However there are many people who just dive into this market without proper learning or research and when they do lose their investment they talk bad about the industry. Unfortunately this is the current trend. But one universal phenomenon which to be noted is every day the number of investors and traders are increasing. It seems everyone wants to have a piece of the cake and want it quick. 



The V -Series

Alertel Systems has gone a step forward to design a trading signal system that is compatible with all types of markets and all kinds of traders. Be it Stocks, currencies, commodities, metals or energy or even news time trading. It supports long term, short term traders as well as scalpers .Our Signal engine can be fine-tuned to adapt to your best strategies and trading styles. The V- series has been fine tested by different groups of traders worldwide and is reported to give more than 98% accurate data all the time provided the trader strictly follows the signal system. Our trading signal engine’s properties are very easy for you to understand and follow. It comes to you with a very descriptive PDF booklet, a demonstration video and presentations. To top that you can reach us by any means of communications. Our support team speaks 14 different languages and is all ready to help you round the clock on all market days.



Our signal and the Metatrader Platform

Choosing a Forex, stocks and commodities signal provider is a critical task as a wrong signal can cause a major loss. Always choose a provider who is known for its reliability and authenticity. The signals providers in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 community have guaranteed reliability as their signals are made available after strict scrutiny. MetaTrader is developed by world leading MetaQuotes Software Corp. They have incorporated a very safe and easy mechanism for Forex signals service. On MetaTrader, You can buy or sell signals with guaranteed authenticity and reliability. Our system works very close with Metatrader and is developed by those people who have hands on experience with the Metatrader Platform.