Alertel offers you a unique partnership program which enables you to make money then and there without any delay. Unlike many other we pay our partners good and fast.

Below is the one type of unique partnership which we offer.


If you are interested in the financial markets and knows someone who is interested this is your chance. You can sell our products and claim your percentage right there. The product we offer is the best in its category and is needed by every trader in any financial instruments. Alertel V series signal system gives accurate buy/sell signals to traders.

Who can benefit or who can be a reseller?
  1. Any IB or any trader who trades using MT4 with any broker
  2. Anyone who runs an affiliate website
  3. Anyone who can introduce our system to traders

All you have to do is let us know and we will create a reseller account in your name. We will credit your amount instantly.

Contact us to know more about the reselling program

Skype: alertelsystems


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